Our Safety Training

Safety Support and Customer Service

Our safety support services

Safety support service is taken care of by our skilled mechanics. They provide professional and quick service. You will be always satisfied to know your forklifts are well-maintained and safe to use.

Our Support System

Trust : Our basic policy on after-sale service
● Safety, promptness, expertise, and trust are the fundamental values of our after-sales service.
● Working in cooperation with our customers, we hope to grow with our customers.

Safety Verification

Promptness and Expertise
● If peace of mind, safety and cost reduction are what you require, we have a solution for you.
● We offer periodic maintenance. If there are problems, we save you time on forklift maintenance with our prompt service and efficient work.

Safety Training

● Safety Training on forklift operationก
● Basic forklift operation training is provided according to the manufacturer's standards for safe operation. Afterward, intensive hands-on practice and evaluations are given under the supervision of our skilled trainers. A driving manual for different types of forklifts and accident prevention is also given to you.

Safety Training on Forklift Operation

Safety : Safety training in using forklifts
● Training course to enhance knowledge of forklift operation and proper maintenance.
● Training course in a standard skills forklift riding
● Additional training for forklift handling techniques, safe movement and correct approach to use hydraulic equipment.ง
● Training course in forklift management in industrial facilities for maximum efficiency.

* Certificates of training completion are provided for people who pass the test.

Establishment of our safety training center

● In cooperation with the Provincial Office of Skill Development , our safety training center was established to provide safety forklift operation to our employees, our customers and interested parties.
● Our training center has been certified under the Resources Development Promotion Act, B.E. 2555

Thai-Lian Group Trainging Center
Forklift Safety Operation

Customer safety is our priority. Thailian Forklift is the first company to establish Training Center in Thailand in many provinces and our training quality is approved by the government.

We have 5 training centers across the country certified by the Provincial Office of Skill Development.


Our training centers provide an introductory course for beginner riders under manufacturer standards training and evaluation for the riders to get legally licensed. We also offer advanced classes to professional riders for maximum safety in forklift operation.

Locations of our training center

Our trainings are organised by Thai trainer certified by the Department of Labor.

Introductory training courses include safety knowledge, Laws of forklift machinery, and forklift operation fundamentals. We also offer additional forklift operation such as forklift management training courses to suit the factory and in-house facilities. In addition, one of the courses we provide is forklift trainer certification.

Our training center is certified and supported by the Provincial office of Skill Development for providing courses that help increase safety in forklift operation in factories.


So far, we have trained and certified over 28,000 people from more than 450 companies. We give free training for all of our customers who purchase or rent new forklifts from us.

Safety Knowledge

We provide a review of forklift operation and related knowledge.

Review the working principle of the mobile forklift. safe lifting

Accidents caused by forklift operation and safety precautions

We conduct theory and practical tests according to training center standards.

Operator Training Course

Our driver training courses are accredited by the Office of Skill Development in the provinces our branch offices located in. Our trainers have direct experience in forklift training and teaching staff and customers.

A forklift operation course provides knowledge on how to analyze and assess the situation in the facilities and operate a forklift accordingly.

Product analysis, product arrangement, loading consideration and how to operate forklift accordingly

A certificate of completion is available to those who pass the evaluation.

For more information

Our technical support staff is always available to support you with your inquiries. We guarantee you with prompt and accurate product information. Meeting your requirements is our service priority.

We have branches in many major cities across the country. You can receive our service at any location convenient to you.