Electric Forklift

We distribute brand new electric forklifts from leading manufacturers.

Thailian Co., Ltd. is a leading supllier of new electric forklifts, both stand-on and sit-down rider models from leading manufacturers such as HELI and SUMITOMO. We take into account the safety use, convenience and and efficiency of our product and service. We are ready to provide you with a full range of forklift support equipment and many accessories that give you the best solution for your lifting and moving requirements.

Stand-up Rider Electric forklift

This electric forklift can operate with high durability. It is suitable for narrow aisles and tight spaces, allowing you to maximize space use.


HELI G2 SERIES (Stand-On Type)

This electric forklift can operate in a limited and confined area with the ability to reach considerable heights.


SUMITOMO QuaPro-R 1.0-1.8T

Electric forklift entirely manufactured in Japan. The forklifts can operate heavy loading for longer running hours continuously with long battery life as it comes with a highly efficient motor.

Sit-down Rider Electric Forklift

This electric forklift offers no engine noise and, most importantly, no exhaust. This forklift makes it possible to work in buildings and is safe for the employees’ health and well-being.


HELI G2 SERIES (Counter Balanced)

This lithium-ion electric forklift comes with a design to support the driver’s vision. It can be operated conveniently and more safely.


HELI G2 SERIES (Sit-down Type)

This side sit-up rider forklift is suitable for storing products on shelves in warehouses or narrow spaces. It includes modern technology, Lithium batteries that make the work easier. It comes with a high load capacity with lifting heights range of 2.90 – 12.5 meters.


SUMITOMO QuaPro-B 1.5-3.5T

Electric forklift entirely manufactured in Japan. This model answers to your needs in terms of performance, efficiency and safety.

World-class forklift trucks from the most trusted leading brands.

Thailian Forklift Co., Ltd has maintained its recognition as the best forklift supplier. We have spare parts and accessories for forklifts always available with services tailor-made to meet your specific needs. We also have an extensive sales network and service all over Thailand. Our products and service quality have enabled us to be the leader in forklift trucks in Thailand for almost three decades.

Why should you buy forklifts from us?

13 Service Centers all over the country

We have 13 service centers all over Thailand, ensuring prompt and effective after-sale service.

Top 10 Global Distributor of the Year 2020

Thai-Lian Forklift Co., Ltd has won top 10 Global Distributor of the Year 2020" from Heli, the biggest forklift manufacturer Heli in China.

The best forklift supplier in Thailand

Thai-Lian Forklift Co., Ltd. has won 1st prize for best forklift supplier in Thailand from Heli.

We have forklift parts in stock worth 10 million baht.

We help our customers with prompt service without having to wait for parts to be imported.

We have branches in many major cities across the country. You can receive our service at any location convenient to you.