After Sale Service

After-sales service details

Service contract

Forklift inspection service 6 times/year and 12 times/year contract

*Note: Terms and conditions are stated in the company policy.

After -sales service

Free Check-up

Free check-up Schedule Based on working hour and Engine Mileage

Free maintenance

There is no extra charge for forklift maintenance.

Spare Parts Warranty

We offer a warranty for forklift parts.

Free consultation

We provide telephone consultation services to support you throughout the contract period.

Forklift Operation training

Customers will be provided with forklift training and testing.

Maintenance Plan

We recommend you get a maintenance plan contract for better performance of the forklift truck and leakage accident prevention.
We also recommend that our trained maintenance technicians take care of your forklift for maximum safety. During the maintenance contract with us, you will get forklifts to substitute the ones having a major repaired.

Maintenance Contract

Details Maintenance Schedule Based on working hour and Engine Mileage Service Repairing Note
Maintenance plan- once a month for one year
(Not including spare parts)
* Annual maintenance contract
* Detailed status reports on the condition of the forklift are available, along with advice after every scheduled maintenance.
Comprehensive leasing contract
* Periodic maintenance will be carried out during the lease period. If a malfunction occurs
* Including all maintenance and repair costs throughout the lease period
* A detailed forklift repair history will be kept for reference.

For more information

Our technical support staff is always available to support you with your inquiries. We guarantee you with prompt and accurate product information. Meeting your requirements is our service priority.

The advantages of a full maintenance lease

The forklift is always in good condition.

Our forklifts are always in good condition. The old forklifts will be replaced by the brand new ones.

fixed cost

Fixed monthly expenses enable you to manage budgets more efficiently.

Maintenance of forklifts with a team of highly experienced mechanics.

Our customers are not left worried about forklift breakdown problems as a team of highly experienced mechanics carries out the maintenance.

Reduce costs

Reduce human resources costs in the management of forklifts.

We have branches in many major cities across the country. You can receive our service at any location convenient to you.