Warehouse Equipment

We distribute warehouse equipment from leading manufacturers.

Thai-Lian Co., Ltd. is a major suplier of warehouse equipments from the most well-known manufacturer such as HELI. We take into account the safety use, convenience and and efficiency of our product and service. We are ready to provide you with a full range of forklift support equipment and many accessories that give you the best solution for your lifting and moving requirements.

Warehouse Equipment
Electric stacker and electric power pallet truck


HELI CBD15/20J-Li2

This power pallet runs on electric power to move and lift with a small turning radius. It is convenient for all kinds of work.


HELI CBS 10J/15J/20J

Lifting up and down with electric power. This is safe and easy to operate. It can load open deck pallet onto the truck easily and quickly.



The stacker runs on electric power to move and lift. It is safe and easy for pushing and pulling operation. It can load open deck pallet in any facilities.


HELI CQDM12/15-810

Run on electric power with a stand-on rider function; it is highly maneuverable.

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Why should you buy warehouse Equipment with us?

13 Service Centers all over the country

We have 13 service centers all over Thailand, ensuring prompt and effective after-sale service.

Top 10 Global Distributor of the Year 2020

Thai-Lian Forklift Co., Ltd has won top 10 Global Distributor of the Year 2020" from Heli, the biggest forklift manufacturer Heli in China.

The best forklift supplier in Thailand

Thai-Lian Forklift Co., Ltd. has won 1st prize for best forklift supplier in Thailand from Heli.

We have forklift parts in stock worth 10 million baht.

We help our customers with prompt service without having to wait for parts to be imported.

We have branches in many major cities across the country. You can receive our service at any location convenient to you.